Empress Makers

$53.00 / month

Empress Makers Membership: Elevate your reign with our premium offering. Ideal for women ruling multiple domains, enjoy specialized group coaching, exclusive masterminds, and all the privileges of the Queens Court. An elite circle for the woman building her empire.





Why Empress Makers Membership?

In the world’s grand theater, some women wear crowns, while others build empires. If you’re the latter, this membership is your ally. Our exclusive ecosystem acknowledges the complexities and challenges of managing multiple domains and equips you with the tools, connections, and mindset to not just navigate, but dominate.

Become an Empress Maker and define a new narrative of leadership. More than a membership, it’s an elite circle where every woman is an empire in herself. Elevate, expand, and embrace your reign. Welcome to the realm where empresses are not born, but made

Inside the Empress Makers Membership:

  1. Tailored Group Coaching: Unlock your full potential with our specialized coaching sessions. Our coaches and  mentors guide you through bespoke strategies, ensuring that each empress receives the focused attention she deserves to shine across all her domains.
  2. Exclusive Masterminds: Gather with a select cohort of multidimensional women, all excelling in diverse fields. These sessions aren’t mere meetings; they’re powerhouses of innovation, brainstorming, and unparalleled networking opportunities.
  3. All Benefits of Queens Court: As an Empress Maker, you’ll retain complete access to the regal assembly of Queens Court. This ensures that you stay grounded with the sisterhood, even as you soar to greater heights.



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