Queen’s Court

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Queens Court Membership: Join a regal assembly tailor-made for women in business and ministry. Dive deep with monthly masterclasses, weekly meet-ups, and a sisterhood of support. A kingdom where ambition meets purpose.



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Why Queens Court?

Because it’s not just about succeeding in business or ministry. It’s about reigning in every domain of life, wearing your crown with pride, and being surrounded by women who understand your challenges, celebrate your victories, and uplift you during the setbacks. Step into the realm of Queens Court—a regal assembly tailored exclusively for the modern woman navigating the intricate worlds of business and ministry. When you join the Queens Court, you’re not just becoming a member; you’re gaining a sisterhood.

Join the Queens Court and be part of a transformative journey. This isn’t just a membership—it’s a movement. Welcome to the court where queens uplift queens

Inside Queens Court:

  1. Three Distinct Inner Circles: Each circle is curated to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of our members. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business maven, or a devoted ministry leader, there’s a dedicated space waiting for you.
  2. Monthly Masterclasses: Learn from industry titans and seasoned experts as they unveil secrets of their trades. These sessions are more than just lectures; they’re deep dives into actionable insights, meant to elevate your journey in business or ministry.
  3. Weekly Power Meet-Ups: Imagine starting your week fortified with the collective energy of ambitious women. Our weekly gatherings are not just network opportunities, but also sessions of shared wisdom, encouragement, and tangible strategies. Propel your purpose forward with the strength of the community behind you. ~ These weekly meet ups are worth far more than your monthly fee. * These weekly meet ups could change your business and ministry alone!




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