About Us

Everyone drops their jaw when they hear, “Mother of twelve?”  Yup, that’s right twelve kids! So, yup I know  the challenges of balancing life, love and the pursuit of dreams?

The good news is, with God, everything is possible!
So this is where my passion shines. I love to see women dare to believe! In themselves, what they are capable of and their absolute ability to create and live the life they imagine.

I was called to start the Tamara Marcella brand to champion those ready to go to the next level in life. With over 20 years of trial by error training, leadership schools and equipping. The results have been countless television, radio and social media interviews. Four books to date to encourage and empower women,  two recording music projects, traveling and sharing this message of hope to stages and pulpits!  Leveling up in life is possible in every season, out of any story! I’m a living testimony!  


From the stay at home mom to the CEO, this is the tribe for you if you desire to leverage your genius, grow in God and establish personal authenticity.

I have found great joy in connecting with people in this capacity and seeing them find wholeness, purpose and prosperity. Our tribe is full of people who are chasing their dreams, manifesting greatness and walking in success. If you have not signed up for our mailing list be sure you do so before you leave this campus.

You will receive regular encouragement and content to keep you motivated and accountable. The Tamara Marcella brand has established a name for itself through powerful, life changing messages and inspiration. We are encouraged every time a life is changed, a woman is empowered or someone who has lost hope finds oxygen in inspiration.

Then came the community!

The community / Rise Network was a natural progression. As the ministry and outreach grew we wanted a way to stay connected. Following the call from God on her life, Tamara felt lead to create a space to continue to serve the world changing women she came into contact with. From stay at home mom’s to CEO’ s. Politicians to ministers; leaders need constant sharpening of their skills, development, encouragement and resources. Rise Network is the place where that happens.

Membership into the community gives you instant access to weekly meet ups for:

  1. Masterclasses and workshops 
  2. Inspiring and encouraging news feeds
  3. Community of high impact, women of influence  
  4. Coaching, mentorship and accountability access
  5. New content regularly  {New masterclasses added monthly, weekly group coaching}  

Tamara & Hubby

Tamara Marcella Ministries