Transformation Tuesday

  • Transformation Tuesday

    Posted by Tamara on March 7, 2023 at 9:53 AM

    Hellen Keller once said, ” When you learn how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts.” The question for you to ponder today….is two fold.

    #1~ Do you find yourself performing less or showing up less in areas of your life because you struggle to see yourself as worthy of increase, advancement and abundance? Is self sabotage an issue in your “show up?” {Do we need to hold an evening discussion on self sabotage?}

    #2 ~ Do you struggle holding people accountable to a standard of how “they” show up in your life? Do you allow people to show up any ole way? Here we go… do you have relationships with men who want a queen until it requires them to show with kingly responsibilities? Do you have friends who want your excellence but bring to the table substandard relational quality? Do you do business with clients who want your best, but do not want to pay for it …and you allow it?

    Today is transformation Tuesday ~ Take today to evaluate how you show up …is it less than who you know you know you were called to show up? Is it a discounted version of the God design of you? If so, what will it take for you start showing up living “worthy of your high calling in Christ Jesus?” That is a giant leap! You were made, designed to “walk” {That means live, talk, build, do business, relationships} all that; not according to how we feel, how others treat us 😏 or how we even see ourselves. We were made and commanded to walk worthy of our high calling. It’s a high standard, a standard of excellence, it means we out perform the rest, we serve to a higher standard, we show up greater, we give more than others pay for….the list goes on, to be summed up in YOU ARE THE HEAD; NOT THE TAIL! Walk worthy of your high calling in Christ Jesus! He set the bar high and said do it like I did it! I challenge you today to do some self reflection journaling on that.

    Then go one step further and check the standard at which you ALLOW others access to your life! You may need to draw some boundary lines for some folks. 🧐 Everyone may not be worthy of an all access pass! Some, may only be worthy of outer court access. Some, show up at inner court access, that’s cool.Meet them on that level. The real, reliable, for real folks …. they have earned by “PROVEN PERFORMANCE OF THE PAST” an all access ticket into your “holy of holies” Your secret, most inner place of communion. They can be trusted with your heart, your bank card, your hand in marriage, your “best friend status.” I think you got the point.

    Today is the day to do some deep internal, come to Jesus meetings with yourself! Ooh I know, this one is some tough stuff. But necessary! Here’s why! Your circle means so much to your success! It will reflect on how you show up. In addition to your circle, how you see yourself matters. The greater demand you place on yourself, the better you show up. The better you show up, the greater your success. “As a man thinketh, so is he!” Proverbs 23:7

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