When everything seems to go wrong!

Have you ever had those days, weeks, months…ok, seasons! When it appears that everything seems to go WRONG?
It’s like one thing after another just falls apart, breaks or unravels.
What if I told you that not only was there a remedy, but also a clear reason why those days grip us?
Solomon, one of the most wealthy men in scripture; pens an entire collection of writings to describe and instruct us on successful living. In that collection (Proverbs 15:15) he writes a particular verse that says, ” Everything seems to go wrong when you feel weak and depressed.But when you choose to be cheerful, everyday will bring you more and more joy and fullness.”
The prelude to “one thing after another seemingly going wrong,” is the feeling of weakness and depression. However, he makes it clear that we can alter or change the course of our days, simply by changing the state of mind we exist in.
When we feel depressed the normal situations of life are exasperated! They seem 10 times more wrong than they would; if we were in a joyful state of mind. Notice how he says, “but when you choose to be cheerful” everyday will bring you more and more joy and fullness?”
So you might be asking, “How do I make the shift?”
I’m so glad you asked! I too, have found myself in those very same seasons when everything seemed to be falling apart. You’re already emotionally fragile then the dryer breaks, you wake up to a flat tire when you’re already running late. The dog has an accident when normally he’s fine. What doesn’t go wrong when you’re already struggling?
The answer that pulled me out was this scripture providing a boat load of revelation!
Did you catch that? Here’s the prescription for breaking through the force field.
  • Focus on what is beautiful! – just pause and look around you. There are beautiful things everywhere that when you’re in the state of “weak and depressed” you miss. Nature, the laughter of children around you, you’re own BEAUTY… ok that’s another post. But do you see you as beautiful? Take time out to search out the beautiful things! Choose to make a habit out of focusing on beauty! It can be hard work at first, but the more you set your gaze, your focus on what is beautiful; the more beauty you’ll see.
  • Hear a good report! In a world where most of what we hear is negative, fear inducing and chaotic. You’ll have to search with intention for a good report! I’m developing a new habit of asking people, “Tell me something good?” watch people cringe! We are so conditioned to sharing negative news we really have to think about a good report. Here’s the great news! Good or God reports are everywhere! you just have to be intentional about searching them out. Turn on a motivational message, call a friend or coach. Look for some happy people and start talking to them. Find people who have had amazing things happen in their life and borrow their joy until you find yours. Here’s a little tip. I have found that some of the most inspiring people are those who have fought their way through an illness or infirmity. They tend to view life through a much more grateful lens. When everyday is a gift….they see beauty with each glance!
  • Breath in the inner strength you derive from good reports. The bible tells us that faith comes from hearing. But it’s what you hear that brings the faith. Solomon also reiterates, ” what we hear influences our inner being.” It’s the good report that refreshes and strengthens the inner soul. So, breath it in and let it do its work. By design, goodness and beauty are medicine to the soul. Did you know the bible also says that laughter is good for the soul?
Coming out of a “State” where everything seems to go wrong is not easy. It takes a little bit of work and a whole lot of intention. However, it’s totally worth it!
In closing, I’ll say this.
To intentionally turn around a “state” you’re in it requires a radicle move! The more desperate the crisis, the more radicle the treatment must be! To interrupt momentum you must use an equal or greater force to stop it. What’s brilliant about our God is by design……Love conquers hate, good reports…trump criticism and beauty is contagious!
Make a covenant with yourself today to FOCUS ON WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL! It’ll change your life!
Tamara Marcella Ministries