Break free from busyness and start living a purposeful life of growth and fulfillment.

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day, wondering what you actually accomplished? Despite being busy all day long, working hard to check off tasks, all you have to show for it is more chores and unfinished to-do lists. The laundry remains undone, and you feel emotionally drained and lacking the energy to pursue fulfillment. I can relate to that feeling of being emotionally depleted because I experienced it about six years ago. Let me take you back to that time.

I was a homeschooling mom, building a successful homestead. We had just built a beautiful new barn, and the logical next step was to fill it with animals. I wanted to provide my family with healthier milk and was also intrigued by the idea of making goat milk soap. I wanted to see how much I could grow or make at home and reduce my reliance on the grocery store.

Raising goats turned out to be challenging, but I loved it. Although there was a learning curve, I enjoyed exploring everything from understanding bacteria to discovering the different lathering properties of various fats. Testing lard lather may have been tedious, but I was in goat milk soap heaven. I had an abundance of milk, and that’s when I had the idea to create goatplicity with just a squeeze of an utter.

I crafted soaps using my favorite coffee beans, made soap with jewelweed for poison ivy, and experimented with various ingredients. Orders started pouring in, and for the first time in my life, I was running a business and thoroughly enjoying it. I felt like a girl boss, living the American dream of making an income while making a positive impact. I was healing skin conditions and earning money to support my family. However, things took a turn when the family kitchen had to double as both the goat soap laboratory and homeschool science lab. The situation wasn’t ideal. Sales were increasing, and the business was growing, but I hadn’t adjusted any other areas of my life. I was still holding onto the same habits, routines, and systems that worked when I was solely a homeschool mom and homesteader, not a part-time businesswoman and CEO.

Looking back, I realize that I wasn’t the person I am now. I made the decision to close down the business without exploring other options or seeking guidance. I simply quit. Instead of using my creativity to overcome the frustration, I made excuses. If I had channeled that energy into growth, I might have built a million-dollar company. Being an avid journaler, I turned to my journal for solace. While writing, I had an epiphany. It wasn’t being busy that caused the downfall; it was the lack of solid systems to support my busyness. As I analyzed what went wrong, I discovered that I had given up before even starting.

I delved deep into my soul, contemplating the reality that I may have traded a great opportunity for the comfort of the familiar and a narrow-minded view of my role at home. I realized that I wasn’t a mom because I excelled at chores or completed all the laundry in a day. I was a mom because of who I was and the love and care I provided to my family. The lessons that flooded in were too numerous to share in this blog, but they shaped me. Today, I’m proud to say that something good came out of that mess—the Busy Girl System. I left no stone unturned, exploring ways to enhance the existing structures that supported our busy homestead and figuring out how to elevate them tenfold.

Here’s the truth, sister: opportunities constantly present themselves to us, holding immense potential to achieve greatness beyond our current imagination. They bring layers upon layers of change and transformation that can propel us towards abundance in every aspect of our lives. It’s a complete alteration, a remodel of life and lifestyle. The challenging part is that in order to experience it, you must be willing to let go of what was to obtain what can be.

Becoming a woman with the capacity to evolve and emerge is the process that separates the truly successful from those perpetually chasing success. But before anything else, you must define success for yourself. Dive so deeply into envisioning it that it starts speaking to you, pushing you forward, and repelling everything that doesn’t align with your vision. Once you have previewed success, the rest of the framework leading you towards it requires you to grow into the person capable of achieving your desires. Only then can you truly attain what you seek.

So, in case you missed my shift, the key to success is being brave enough to delve into your essence and allow it to shine. Shed the old skin you once lived in and reveal the new skin that represents your transformation. Just as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the homesteader becomes a CEO, the wife becomes an explorer. The good news is that adopting a new skin doesn’t mean abandoning your values and convictions. It means adapting your lifestyle, habits, and routines to align with your new aspirations and dreams.

Today, I still do much of what I did before. I continue to homeschool, prioritize quality time with my family, friends, and myself. Thanks to the Busy Girl System, I have designed and built a life I truly love, filled with ever-changing pursuits that push me to constantly level up. But leveling up is a process of growth. I didn’t just make room for business; I made room for a woman who now knows that nothing is impossible. No more quitting on dreams, no more neglecting hobbies or date nights. The Busy Girl brand is all about empowering busy women to embrace their inner queen and take charge of their lives. If you rule it, you can build it.

Before I conclude, I want to acknowledge the women who dream of having a clean home and have no desire to start a business or build an empire. The brand salutes you too. Imagine a world where you implement the Busy Girl concepts and end your days fulfilled and rested, with time to pay attention to details. Let’s summarize it. Ephesians 5:14, 16-17 says (I’ll cut it short), “Redeem the times!” Redeem means to take back or buy back your time. Time is fleeting, and wouldn’t you rather invest it in areas and details that build a life and lifestyle you love? If the answer is yes, that’s what abundant life is all about, and it’s available to you. You, my dear, have to reclaim your time, territory, and treasure so you can break free from busyness and start living a purposeful life of growth and fulfillment.

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