Before I Let Go

We all remember that famous song by Maze, Featuring Frankie Beverly, and now brought back to our consciousness by Beyonce. In it the singer tells the love of his life how the sun behaves with regard to his love. He shares his emotions and how up and down they are. He laments, but in the end he has come to grips with the fact that, at last, he has to let go. There is a crescendo and a fevered pitch until he repeats what he will never do.

Look around you, is there something that you simply let sit aside because you ran out of get up and go. Did you ‘lose your breath’. Was it truly a door that God closed? Did you discover that the door should have never been opened? Or did you truly never give it to the God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or expect?

How often do you actually give something your all before you finally set it down and, ‘let go”.  Before you give it to God as we say? What if the, your all part was to give it all to God? How often have you sought a space, a resting place to regroup and see things with new eyes and His energies.

Here is another thought. What if that door you were looking at just shook you? Shook you because it demanded more discomfort than you were willing to feel? Caused your friends and family to ‘not appreciate this new version of you.” So that you don’t trust yourself exceeding abundantly?

Real talk?  People who have become successful talk about dreams and going farther and higher than they’ve ever been. But they sure don’t talk about the G-force, that natural pull of gravity that seems unnatural because it is coming from animate objects. Some describe it as hateration, and there are some folks who run in that pack. 

But there are also folks who just can’t imagine people surviving at certain altitudes. You might as well be flying to the moon because if their eyes have not seen it, it can not safely be done. And sometimes the voice that speaks that the loudest is coming from your very own chest!

Some Tools to Counteract the G-force Pulling On Your Big Goals and Dreams

1. Write it down – Dreams and goals seem less scary when you take them out of your head, they actually get smaller.

2. Research others who have done it –  With all of the browsers that exist, and a few keystrokes, real life examples can pop up in a few seconds.

3. Pray for strength – A little umph in seeking the; wisdom on high, lamp to your feet, and light for your path will availeth much in the ‘right’ vain.

4. Get an understanding – What are the actual steps it will take to get there? I mean like 4 or 5 steps. Work the mini-plan that leads the way to the full plan.

5. Talk to folks – Find the ones that have done it. Look into their eyes, listen to the excitement or dread in their voice; both are helpful.

6. Get a vision board together – Get it in front of your eyegate. Start putting the visuals together that agree with the words on the paper from tool #1.

7. Speak it – Do you understand the words coming out of your mouth? How will anyone else?

6. Walk it out – In your mind, body, and spirit. Take a journey in your mind’s eye. Will you live on the beach?  Take a journey to the nearest beach and feel the actual sand between your toes while you visualize. 

7. Write > think on these thing > repeat – No muscles were ever established from one day of heavy lifting.


See you in your dreams….


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