Pleasure in the process!

Yes, 12 kids, coffee stains on my best white Tee, and with no plans for the weekend!


No one really wants to admit that wrapped in the damage of affairs and bad behavior, amidst the taboo was excitement!

We don’t like to admit it that there are seasons of our lives that boredom leaves us feeling empty and unenthused. 

Life gets BORING! Our sex lives become stale, parenting gets mundane, and cleaning…. Well, how many times can you clean the same areas with the only change being a new scent released by Mr.Clean?

After you’ve tried all the different scents of fabric softeners and bought your favorite candle for the week. Let’s get real, you still need more!

I’m convinced that we have severely missed the mark!

 God never intended for us to live boring lives in search of  fun in broken places. 

 Excitement should not only to be found in secret texts and passionate, private phone calls you’re not supposed to have. Not when You could find love and thrill in all the right places! 

What if you pulled off the sheets and found ecstasy right in your own bedroom? What if you started planning beautiful adventures with your kids and turned things around just for the sake of spontaneity?

 Have breakfast for dinner or dessert for breakfast. What if some of the rules that kept us so frigid were broken? 

Can you break the rules with your own husband? Can you laugh at the things you once belly- busted about? Or are you all out of funny? Has life zapped out  of the feelings of passion and zeal you once experienced? 

There’s a story in the bible about a woman named Sarah with a big promise from God. A miracle sized promise in fact! Upon hearing the spicy details God was planning for her and her husband, she laughed at the very thought! A break in her old routine, something new, spicy…. could it be? 

 At the brink of the miracle she couldn’t believe that God would allow her to  experience pleasure while He performed that miracle.

It’s not hard to imagine that God can do the amazing. I mean He’s AMAZING!

But believing He would do the amazing in our lives can be hard to comprehend.

To go one step deeper and  believe He would allow us the opportunity to experience pleasure in the process, can be absolutely unfathomable! 

Well, go figure. God did want Abraham and Sarah to have pleasure while He performed a miracle! 

Frankly, the God who pulled off some pretty amazing feats could have done a myriad of things that would not  have required the participation of Abraham and Sarah at all.

He could have placed the baby in a basket and let him safely float down a river like Moses. Or lay the baby near a bush. Remember, He had that one in His hat too? 

Nope, God decided to take two very old, married people beyond normal child- bearing years and invite them into the opportunity of a lifetime.

Could it be that part of the miracle was restoring pleasure, ecstasy, passion and zeal to an old, stale lifestyle?  

Has your life and lifestyle gotten stale? Do you find it as laughable as Sarah did that God would invite you into God-sized  bliss and gratification?

I wonder if work, ministry  the business of raising kids, and/or house keeping has stolen the zest from your soul?  

 I invite you to challenge yourself to raise the bar and elevate your level of “norm.”

  Determine to live in a perpetual state of more than mundane, pleasure in the process and adventure in the administrations of life! 

Plan a trip or set a pretty dinner table. Do something outside of the usual, and watch your imagination peek with passion to create more moments that fill your soul.

Get a radical resolve to stop living life with little drive and start experiencing life to the fullest! 

Get spicy! Have an affair with your spouse. Drop a love note under their pillow!

Create a culture of outdoing each other with unexpected romantic acts of love. Add some Luther Vandross or Ed Sheeran to the mix and dance.

 What would happen if you threw away all the old rules that kept you stale and made marriage the most exciting part of your life! 

What if you made every day, the best day of your life? Create moments in parenting and work that inspire reasons for intense gratitude.

I could go on, but you get the picture. I would love to  hear your ideas about making everyday life exciting. 

Drop in the comments creative ways you are turning life upside down with joy and passion. 

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