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  • Hello Thyatira

    Posted by Tamara on October 6, 2022 at 10:07 AM

    Our bible study session Wednesday evening was about compromise and tolerance. The room was weighty as we took a deep dive into how easily it is to begin to tolerate sin and compromise in our lives.

    The other component was the challenge to stand firm on biblical principles in a society that clearly comes against morality and Christianity.

    The question of the day is … What areas of your life have you found it difficult to stand firm on your convictions and what advice can you add to the community on “STANDING?” Share some practical ways to stand firm at work, home and in society.

    If you would like to catch up on the bible study; request access to the course (it’s free) or get the recordings. It has been an amazing time of recharging our Faith, hope and confidence in our stand for Christ in 2022.

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