5 Attributes of kingdom women

  1.  Humilty! Kingdom women strive to live in a posture of humility.   Her strength lays securely embedded in the understanding that she is human, fail-able and constantly a work in progress. It’s her awareness of  her own frailty that makes her a pillar of strength for others. She knows that all she has and all she does is by the grace of God. Therefore grace becomes  her to best accessory!     
  2.  Poise! Merriam-Webster’s definition of poised is: to have a composed and assured manner. It’s her way. She shows up to life and its affairs composed, collected and clutter free. She has spent time pondering the issues of life so she can show up unfrazzoled and unapologetic in her manner. She is confident due to the fact that she radiates from her time spent in reflection. 
  3. She Empowers! The kingdom woman knows the value of her worth. Her light combined with the light of those she leads and encourages only illuminates brighter. She can never be replaced or made irrelevant by lifting up others. No, to the contrary!  “For she becomes excellent through her righteous works.” (Paraphrase of proverbs 31:31) 
  4. “She lays hold of the wheels of government!”TPT Proverbs 31:19  Whether in feeding the hungry, volunteering or serving, the kingdom woman knows her hands of contribution are needed in society. Her voice and presence are an essential influence for a greater  manifestation of God’s glory in the earth. There’s a mountain she is fashioned to effect.
  5. Nations are her portion! Proverbs 31:16 TPT says, “She sets het heart upon a nation and takes it as her own, carrying it within her. She labors there to plant the living vines.” Kingdom women are not always able to hit the mission field. However, they recognize their divine design for nations. Prayer, intercession and seed sowing are all ways to participate in  kingdom influence. She knows her labor of prayer and contribution is the plantings of living vines. 

Tamara Marcella Ministries