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Tamara February 2, 2021
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  • We create stories to save us from shame, hurt and the wonder of truth .
  • Never allow yourself the “luxury of lies”…..they only soothe for a season  (Tamara Marcella)

What is a “story?” 

We all have them, some more than others. Our story is the narrative we have created to account for all the behaviors and mind sets that are keeping us behind the bars of “Stuck.” 

We have experiences that have impacted out lives however, it’s the story you created that holds the key to unlock freedom or the prison life. 

No one gets through life without a tragedy, decision or situation that offers the opportunity to shut down, live an unproductive life or remain within in the limitations set for us.

It is however, the soul and spirit of the individual that decides on the story we write about that particular chapter. It’s what we write that determines the decisions we make and the paths we chose. The decisions then determine destiny! Your story is so important. 

Are you given to writing dramatic stories about your life? Have you decided on some negative narratives that takes you off the hook when you are challenged to grow?  

For instance, do you say things like:

. I don’t care

. I don’t need anyone, I’ve had to count t on myself all my life. 

Or some of these safety net stories

I would rather live in my story than risk disappointment

*I would rather not try than fail

I would rather not say it than risk disapproval

* I would rather not love you ,(I don’t care, I don’t need anyone)…than risk feeling the pain of hurt 

What’s yours? 

While these feel like perfectly acceptable responses to hurt, they will never truly serve you.


It kills your potential, your confidence, your relationships and so much more.

Digging deep to excavate the stories you write for excuses to remain stuck will be one of the most courageous things you’ll do in life. Apart from a life long refusal to ever allow yourself the luxury of a lie!  

Truth hurts, but it also heals! 

So let’s go

Articulating your story is going to help you take your life back.

Take some time to stop and journal your stories. 

Tamara Marcella Ministries