The Power of Rest: A lesson from Genesis and The Busy Girl's Guide.

Welcome to our blog post today where we draw upon the wisdom shared in our recent “Women in Business Mastermind Session.” We found great inspiration in an unlikely place – Genesis 2:3. The verse states, “God rested from all His work which He had created so that it itself could produce!” What a powerful message that is!

In the hustle of our day-to-day lives, especially in the business world, we often forget the profound value of stepping back and allowing our creations to reveal their worth. We become so engrossed in creation mode, start-up mode, and work mode that we overlook the high-yielding principle of simply pausing. Pausing to evaluate if our efforts are yielding the desired results, if the financial plan is working, if our business objectives are being met, or if our programs are profitable.

As stressed in the Busy Girl’s Guide, it is crucial to consistently question whether our activities are leading us closer to our vision or merely consuming our precious time. Our time is limited, and to attain limitless success, we must manage this resource prudently.

Our challenge for you this week is to embrace the concept of a ‘sabbath’. Take a step back, even if it’s only for a few hours, or if you’re feeling bold, an entire day. Utilize this time to reflect on your activities, habits, and business ventures to give them a chance to demonstrate their true value.

To elevate your life and business to the next level, cease work that you’ve actually finished and allow it to produce results. It’s time to stop starting new projects before you’ve completed the ones already in progress. A key takeaway from the Busy Girl’s Guide is, “If it doesn’t convert, it doesn’t work.” Maximize the impact of your time by bringing your ideas to fruition, then watch them yield results before launching into the next initiative.

Apply the principle of taking one step at a time to your work-life process. Adopt one lifestyle change, observe its transformative effect, then introduce another. Develop a product, start selling it before you conceive the next one. Implement a new routine in your home, allow it to create a transformation, then introduce another.

Applying this principle alone will allow you to leave behind the frantic busyness and begin B.U.S.Y – Building Unfettered Success Your way!

For those who missed the live session, I’ve added today’s recording of our meet-up for you to listen in. I encourage you to join us next Tuesday at 11:30 am EST. If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of the Busy Girl’s Guide to Success and you’re ready to start living your life at peak performance, don’t wait another moment. Grab your copy today [insert link].

Remember, in the words of the Genesis, it’s about stepping away and allowing what you have created to show its worth. Pause, reflect, and let your creations produce!


Tamara Marcella Ministries