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Mentorship for faith – driven, female entrepreneurs ready to live their dreams, build legacy, wealth and  generational impact. 

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" Her real life stories are what helps to get her points across... "

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Our vision is to empower, inspire and equip leaders to live unanchored and become architects of destiny. So they can stand out, scale up and impact the world!

It’s our passion to see women develop to the level of mastery and become world class at their assignment and impact. 


Let’s  break free from limitations and build? You were born for abundance! 

Come on busy girl #LETSGO

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Academy of Impact ~ membership

I’m working towards my first $100k in business, I’m still figuring it out and I’m ready to get unstuck. 

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EmpowerHer Productivity challenge

I’m ready to scale my business and elevate my work-life balance, achieving abundance without sacrificing my wealth-building goals or family life

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The Candaces Exclusive mastermind

I’m ready to join this high-ticket mastermind group, scale my business, build wealth, and transform my life

About me

Tamara Marcella transforms lives

Tamara is known for creating high-energy, inspiring, and motivating environments that foster transformation and growth. Over the past decade, she has founded a thriving church, launched several successful businesses, invested as a silent partner, coached individuals and companies, and served on the board of a non-profit dedicated to helping the vulnerable.

As a transformational agent, her mission is clear: to build high-performing environments where success is accelerated, and lifestyle dreams become reality. She mentors and coaches dream architects from all walks of life, including pastors across the globe. Tamara is also a highly sought-after speaker, recognized for her impact and influence.

Her network offers coaching, mentorship, and community for anyone pursuing their dreams and reaching their fullest potential. Wherever you are on your journey, Tamara is ready to help you move from vision to victory and unleash your inner hero. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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The Busy Girl's Guide to Success

Building unfettered success your way is not just the theme of these books; it’s becoming a movement. Busy women are establishing dominion over every area of their lives, breaking free from limiting mindsets, clutter, and distractions. This is where you start building the life of your dreams and believing you were born to soar.

These are not just books; they are guides with real tools to trade the chaos and clutter of busyness for clarity and purpose. If you’re on a mission to reclaim your time, energy, and dreams, you are a busy girl!

Busy girls are changing the world, one power move at a time.


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Happy clients

Just wanted to say thank you for listening to God and writing the book staying women. I didn’t realize that I walked with a limp until that chapter really touched me. I had been told my whole life by my family I would not amount to anything and not be able to do anything with my life. I didnt have any grudges against them or Unforgiveness towards them but I didn’t realize that the words spoken over me would pop up in different situations when I wanted to step into my destiny. . After reading that chapter last night I gave it all to God and I know that God touched my life and set me free. I feel a weight has been lifted. The enemy fought a lot to get me not to read this book but I fought back knowing it was going to be life changing when I read it and applied to my life. I know thru this book many lives are going to be set free and they will be able to walk without a limp into their destinies. You will never know how many lives this book touched on this side of heaven I believe on the other side when you step over those people that were touched will be waiting for you at the gate welcoming you in and thanking you for being obedient to God. . Love you

Paula Berry
“COULDN”T BE HAPPIER WITH MY PURCHASE!” Tamara thank you so much for writing this book!! You are a Godsend and dream saver!! I cannot express how valuable this book is cover to cover but I have to share with you that my absolute favorite portion of The Busy Girl’s Guide To Success is hands down building my “A” Team. That was a total game changer for me and my household. 💪 Building unfettered success my way!!
Migdaly Huertas
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