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Unveil the royal potential within you at the Queen Esther’s Retreat – a transformative weekend tailored just for women. Dive deep into a world where you not only discover the tools and teachings to manifest a year of abundance but also engage with the essential building blocks that queens throughout history have harnessed for favor with the King, communal unity, impactful leadership, and enduring legacies.

Starting your year by mapping out a pathway of abundance and dedicating time to align your intentions with God’s vision for your life, family, and finances is the most empowering move you can make. We’ve also infused a touch of exclusivity to this experience – every participant will receive a complimentary yearly membership to the “Queens Court.” This membership is more than just a title; it’s an invitation to regularly reconnect with your divine calling, your King, and to bond with a network of resolute queens commanding their domains. Dive into deeper explorations of your innate gifts, your life’s missions, and embrace moments of serenity as you reconnect with nature and our regal lineage.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Intimate Group Dynamics: Engage in profound discussions and develop close-knit bonds in a close setting.

  • Personalized Attention: Our intimate setting ensures that all your questions are addressed and you receive focused guidance for your year’s planning.

  • Retreat Kit: Equip yourself with materials crafted to complement your journey.

  • Empowerment and Sisterhood: Revel in the invigorating energy of amazing girl power.

  • Wisdom Rooted in Time: Delve into age-old truths from a biblical perspective tailored to foster personal development, instill a master’s mindset, and promote success in business, family life, and spiritual growth.

  • Guidance from the Best: Benefit from mentorship sessions that steer you towards your purpose.

Ensure your year is a cut above the rest. Your throne awaits; make it a year of majestic ascension.

Tamara Marcella Ministries