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Home Forums Dreamscape February 3rd, 2022 (5:46) am (Crazy Dream) Reply To: February 3rd, 2022 (5:46) am (Crazy Dream)

  • Migdaly

    February 4, 2022 at 2:35 PM

    Ok, so I’m going to break down the possible representations of each symbol as best I can and follow up with you privately regarding any revelations I received.

    Abduction – all of the research I found points to the natural meaning of abduction and that is being taken and held against your will.

    Mini-van – may represent family

    Being in the passenger or back seat of a car – represents that you are not in control

    (the driver) of the destination or timing of your arrival

    White – represents Righteousness, holiness, holy power, spirit of God

    House – usually represents an aspect of your life (though I’m not sure in this dream because it isn’t your house in the natural)

    Cellular – Speaks of your communication, or lack thereof, with the Lord. Typically, a
    Call to deeper intimacy with the Lord in order to hear His voice.

    #5 – represents Grace, Redemption and Anointing

    Son – Represents your natural son or the son of God, Jesus

    After a few other details in your dream, your back at the house, on the second floor, in a room (I’ll assume a bedroom)

    2nd Story – could be a wordplay as in a second story, another story

    Bedroom – is a place of rest and intimacy. You’re being called to intimacy and rest with God, or He may be saying there are
    problems in your intimacy and rest, depending on the context of the dream.

    Staircase – represents your level of spiritual visibility and sensitivity (awareness of the spirit realm, things happening in the spirit)

    Dogs – In a + dream, Loyalty and friendships or faithfulness (as in, a man’s best friend)

    In a – setting, if threatening and aggressive, could represent territorial spirits, could also be a spirit of fear

    There were some things I left out because I did not find supportive documentation for it but I’ll share with you personally what was revealed to me when I follow up with you. Be sure to spend time with Holy spirit and ask him to translate, give you understanding and revelation of God’s perfect and timely message for your life. Blessings.

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