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Where will I be? Who will I be?

Tamara November 18, 2022

Where will I be and who wiill I be?

Before we can really change the out come; two things must happen. The first being a decision to change. A decision is not a choice it’s a cutting away from all other possibilities. You must make the decision to change. In spite of the cost and pain….remaining the same can’t be part of the equation. The second being… you have to be able to articulate what you do NOT want.

Far too often we have become so conditioned by the conditions that we can only articulate the issues and problems. The things we no longer want, the excuses we have been using to keep from confronting ourselves and the obstacles we face in order to change.

Before you begin to journal out what needs to change so you can prepare to highlight and script vision for the beautiful you that will emerge from these ashes you despise. Listen to the video about decision making and how we unfortunately become more aquainted with dysfunction than we do life and functionality. Ultimate that aquantance and lack of higher focus or vision is the  cause for being stuck in the first place.

Just in case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Let me assure you, this is the process I warned you about. It isn’t easy! But hang in there. You are must stronger and more resilient than you think. The process is ugly! You may and maybe should shed some tears. I hope for you, is that you see clearly the you that played a roll in the duration of time you gave power to a condition that maybe you didn’t create but allowed to hold you and your abundant life hostage.

Today is the day you begin to break off those cuffs and weed through the fragments of the past and present so you can shake the dust off your feet and begin to walk worthy of your high calling…. IN CHRIST JESUS! If you aren’t a believer or a woman of faith and that just rocked your boat. Let me steady the waters for you. You see, you were created for abundance. It’s your birthright and that was left to you by our amazing royal king! We can chat more on that later is you’d like. But my intention right now is just to calm your potential nerves if you don’t yet know the king. You can still emerge from the this place… mount up on your proverbial wings and soar.

After you’ve listen to the video, start answering the questions for yourself. What has to change in oder for me to have the life I dream of? You may choose to answer that for every area you mentioned in the last question.


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