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Tamara September 2, 2021

1.)  Understanding and developing your spiritual gifts, personal style and passion is a PROCESS not a EVENT .

2.)  Motivation is KEY

Servility:  Serving without love

Servanthood:  Serving with love




Motivated by:

What others see

What God sees

Attitude of:

It’s not my job

Whatever it takes

Mindset of:

Me first

Father first

Spirit of:



Results are:


God glorifying

“…let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven”

Matthew 5:16

3.)  Unique contribution or community contribution?

The type of contribution you make depends on GIFTS, 


Uniquely You

3 highest spiritual gifts, with totals: , , 

DISC scores: D I S C

Energized Score:  Organized Score: 



Isn’t it exciting what you have discovered today about yourself?  God made you in such a remarkable and unique way, to be a person of impact in the Church and the community.  Below, is a primer list just to get you thinking about how God could use you.  As you look through these columns, prayerfully consider the opportunities available to you.  If you have some Interest in a few of these then just make an “I” in the corresponding blank.  If you have some Experience in the area, then just make an “E” in the corresponding blank.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of skills, experiences, or ministries that can guide you in participation.  If you have experiences or skills that are not listed, then just write them in the available blanks.

People / Groups

Special Skills

Church Experience

__Infants / Toddlers

__Preschool Kids

__Elementary kids

__Middle School

__High School

__College / Young Adult

__Single Adults

__Single Parents




__Senior Adults


__Hospitals / Hospice





__Audio / Visual

__Carpentry / Construction

__Computers / Technical

__Curriculum Development 


__Gardening / Grounds


__Office / Clerical


__PowerPoint / Video Prod.

__Printing / Publications





__Art / Design



__Vocals / Singing







__Parking / Traffic


__Support Groups

__Small Groups


__Special Events

__Tape Ministry


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