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Serve where your heart is.

Tamara September 2, 2021

Serving where your heart is

“God has put into their hearts to accomplish His purposes…”

Revelation 17:17

What is a passion with regard to ministry?

“A God –given desire of the heart to make a difference somewhere or in someone’s life for the glory of God and the edification of others.”

Why are passions important for ministry?

Your passions will determine where you will serve, or who you will serve.

  1. Passions are built into our lives to direct us toward  purpose or involvement     .
  1. Passions will give emotional and  physical energy to our service.
  1. Passions will give you the perseverance to keep you going, even when you battle with discouragement and circumstances sap your energy.

What are some categories of passions?

People or groups of people



Singles and/or young adults

Senior adults

AIDS victims

Those imprisoned



Hunger and poverty

Crisis pregnancy

Hobbies or interests

Outdoors / camping / hiking

Sports / coaching

Special training or abilities




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