How To

Groups are a great way to grow, share inspiration and stay in community with like minded people. Each of these groups are a little different intentionally so you can find your tribe to shine with. Every group has it’s own twist of greatness and vary from fun groups, spiritual groups, business and so much more.

We hope you will get acquainted with the organizers and members. Some groups are private and you’ll have to request to join and be admitted by the group organizer. Others are public and you simply click join and you’re in! You’ll be able to attend meetings, webinars and experience great things in a small group or around here…we call them synergy hubs.

Can I start a group? Sure thing! If you have a group idea or you think you’d be a great group leader contact us we would love to discuss new groups opportunities. Have fun and enjoy the hub.

How to use the community intro video
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