Don’t get swindled out of your financial blessing, by a con artist!

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  • Don’t get swindled out of your financial blessing, by a con artist!

    Posted by Tamara on September 20, 2023 at 9:34 AM

    Yesterday, in our weekly WIB meet up, we delved into the intricate dance between the ministry and the business of sales. The art of selling is less about mere transactions and more about a service’s exchange. It’s about proficiently sharing the value of what you offer and persuading those in need, who have the means, to see the worth of trading their money for your product or service.

    “Your labor is worthy of hire!” rings true in this context. Don’t shy away from marketing what you’ve learned, earned, created, or fashioned. During my reflective reading this morning, a passage from scripture caught my attention and made me chuckle. “Really bad stuff says the buyer [to the seller]; then he goes off and brags [about the bargain].” Proverbs 20:14. It’s almost comical how often this scenario plays out. Many sellers, often us, who have poured our heart, sweat, and hours into our craft, are sometimes swayed by tales of those who find our prices too high.

    And in our earnestness to serve, we sometimes lower our rates or even give away our products or services. The irony? The same individuals often spend the savings elsewhere, boasting about the deal they secured from us.

    So, what’s the takeaway? Firstly, charge a fair, just, and righteous amount for your hard-earned work. Stand firm in the belief that your target audience will perceive the true value of your offering and will happily part with their money in exchange. Remember, if you don’t believe in its worth, how can you expect others to invest in it?

    But as you navigate this journey, also remember these additional insights:

    1. Understand Your Value: Before setting a price, deeply grasp your product’s unique selling points. What distinguishes it from the rest? If you’ve committed resources, time, and effort into crafting an exceptional product, ensure its price mirrors its merit.

    2. Confidence is Key: Display confidence during price discussions, especially negotiations. When you’re certain about your product’s value, let that self-assuredness be evident. Any hesitation can be seen as an opening for bargain requests.

    Lastly, always keep an eye on the market. Understand where your product stands amidst competitors in terms of benefits, features, and quality. This not only aids in setting a competitive price but also equips you with the rationale needed to remain steadfast in your pricing decisions.

    In essence, honor your work, value your contribution, and ensure that your pricing reflects both.

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