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  • Migdaly Huertas

    November 21, 2022 at 10:05 AM

    Yes! Sharah welcome to what I like to call

    “The Secret Place Where God Meets Me”

    I know the Lord has his own reasons for meeting us in our dream state, I think the most obviously is his love for us and his desire to have intimate time with us, after all, he is a jealous God!!

    But even when after all he’s done to get a word to us in due season that we’ve simply been too busy to hear let alone make time to lean in for, too distracted with our day to day operations to catch the word or revelation, he is still faithful to get the word, revelation and/or warning to us in our sleep, when we’re finally still long enough to hear what he say. Dreams are a form of language and not only are they effective, but they are deep and intimate, coded and tailored just for you!!

    I pray you enjoy the journey your embarking on in learning a new language and moving into new realms of intimacy with God.

    I highly recommend you pick up The Divinity Code To Understanding Your Dreams And Visions by Adam Thompsonand Adrian Beale. Today on Amazon you can pick up the paperback on sale for $22.49. It is extremely helpful, a great tool and 100% scripturally backed.

    I began my dream interpretation journey with John Paul Jackson, he was a prophetic dream interpreter and he too has library of books, though I have not read all of his books and cannot vouch for them, I do trust him. I can however recommend his dream journal. It was created with creative individuals such as yourself and allows freedom of expression in documenting your dreams. I think you’ll really like it and maybe even take it to the next level!!

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