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Hey there, it’s Tamara! I’m thrilled to invite you on an incredible journey with the Busy Girl Systems—the ultimate freedom factor.

Imagine playing bigger, growing your wealth, while staying connected to your relationships and purpose. Let’s build your ministry and business on biblical principles that work. 

“Wisdom builds her house on the seven pillars!” Let’s build your structure on those seven pillars.

Picture a life brimming with abundance, reflecting your deepest desires and authentic self. If you’re tired of the never-ending hustle and yearn to construct a life you adore—a life where you embrace your gifts and make a fearless impact—then join our tribe of Empress Makers, join the kingdom builders community.

Together, let’s kick-start this adventure and live life to the fullest. Join us now!


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I'm Tamara

I’m a mother of twelve living in upstate New York, where my husband and I have raised our family and learned the value of hard work and a full life. Over the past decade, I’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities to make a difference – from founding a thriving church and launching several successful businesses, to investing as a silent partner, coaching individuals and businesses, and serving on the board of a non-profit dedicated to our community’s most vulnerable.

As a transformation agent, my mission is clear: to empower and inspire women to pursue their God-given destiny. Together with my husband and our team, we mentor and minister to kingdom architects from all walks of life, including pastors around the world. Nothing would make me happier than staying connected with you on your journey.

So whether you’re just starting out or already on your way, I’m here to offer coaching and mentorship as you pursue your dreams and build your kingdom life of abundance. Let’s do this together! 

What is this community all about?

Welcome to TMM Global Transformation Network! Our community is made up of passionate women from all over the world who are committed to transformation and building abundance in every area of life.

We believe that when you surrender to God’s sovereignty, you are empowered to become an EMPRESS and design the life of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, ministry leader, or simply a sister with a vision to make a difference – we invite you to join us and find your tribe here in our network.

Our goal is to help you discover your identity, find fulfillment, and walk out your destiny while building your empire. This is your moment to unite with our tribe, and we can’t wait to see the incredible things you’ll accomplish! Let’s work together to create a world of transformation and abundance.

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Have you heard about SWC?

SWC, is the  Staying Woman conference. Every year woman from all walks of life, around the world and across the network gather to celebrate womanhood, expand our impact and gain revelation knowledge that leads to greater leadership within our sphere of influences. Be sure to get more info so you can attend SWC in 2024!

Navigating the hustle of the business world often leads us to overlook the profound value of pausing and letting our creations reveal their true worth. Genesis 2:3 inspired us with a powerful message: "God rested from all His work which He had created so that it itself could produce!" Drawing from this wisdom, the challenge for you this week is to embrace your own 'sabbath.' Take a step back and reflect on your activities, habits, and business ventures. Give them the space to demonstrate their true value. Let's leave behind the frenzy of constant activity and begin B.U.S.Y - Building Unfettered Success Your way!

One day!

 Integrity with yourself is the truest sense of wholeness!  The highest form of self care and the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Discerning daily task from power moves

Discerning daily tasks from power moves … We all have a constant flow of tasks …

Becoming a woman with the capacity to evolve and emerge is the process that separates the truly successful from those perpetually chasing success. But before anything else, you must define success for yourself. Dive so deeply into envisioning it that it starts speaking to you, pushing you forward, and repelling everything that doesn't align with your vision. Once you have previewed success, the rest of the framework leading you towards it requires you to grow into the person capable of achieving your desires. Only then can you truly attain what you seek.

Gray Grace

What's behind the grey? Is it wisdom, grace or glory? It may be all of the above! Ladies, going gray may never look the same!

Girl Rest!

Some challenges hit just right and run you into a cave of questions and emotions. It's time to talk about the cave!

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For the readers and dreamers!
Just what you need to get inspired, motivated, closer to God and
deeper in touch with yourself.

Just wanted to say thank you for listening to God and writing the book staying women. I didn’t realize that I walked with a limp until that chapter really touched me. I had been told my whole life by my family I would not amount to anything and not be able to do anything with my life. I didnt have any grudges against them or Unforgiveness towards them but I didn’t realize that the words spoken over me would pop up in different situations when I wanted to step into my destiny. . After reading that chapter last night I gave it all to God and I know that God touched my life and set me free. I feel a weight has been lifted. The enemy fought a lot to get me not to read this book but I fought back knowing it was going to be life changing when I read it and applied to my life. I know thru this book many lives are going to be set free and they will be able to walk without a limp into their destinies. You will never know how many lives this book touched on this side of heaven I believe on the other side when you step over those people that were touched will be waiting for you at the gate welcoming you in and thanking you for being obedient to God. . Love you
Paula Berry
"COULDN"T BE HAPPIER WITH MY PURCHASE!" Tamara thank you so much for writing this book!! You are a Godsend and dream saver!! I cannot express how valuable this book is cover to cover but I have to share with you that my absolute favorite portion of The Busy Girl's Guide To Success is hands down building my "A" Team. That was a total game changer for me and my household. 💪 Building unfettered success my way!!
Migdaly Huertas

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