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Craft the life you've envisioned with the Busy Girl's Code! This planner is not just a tool; it's a living document that aligns your dreams, purpose, faith, and future abundance. Designed for the woman who dares to achieve it all, it guides you to weave your aspirations seamlessly into every aspect of your life. Find the perfect balance between career ambitions, family commitments, and personal growth. It's your created path to freedom and fulfillment, keeping you true to your vision. Embrace this transformative journal/planner as your partner in manifesting a life where every goal is not just a dream, but a reality. Start shaping your abundant future today with the Busy Girl's Code."
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Transform Your Chaos into Crown-Winning Success

Dive into "The Busy Girl’s Guide to Success" and unlock the secrets to turning your overwhelming to-do list into a structured roadmap to success. Discover how structure, not busyness, paves the way to achieving your dreams. With practical advice on building your A-Frame, A-Team, and A-Game, this guide is your key to balancing ambition with rest, and faith with action. Embrace your inner queen and lead a legacy of abundantly created futures. Start your journey towards unfettered success today and straighten your crown with every step you take.
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Move from chaos to confident

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Trade in busy that distracts; for busy building

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Navigating home, faith, finances, and future presents unique hurdles for women. "The Busy Girl's Guide to Success" tailors a system mindful of these challenges. Crafted by a busy mom for women destined for impact, legacy leadership, and financial freedom, this guide empowers you to fulfill your God-given purpose. It's more than a book—it's a journey towards a life of purposeful abundance.

"all types of busy are not created equal!"

Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands....

The right kind of busy ...

  • Leaves you lacking NOTHING
  • Allows you to build freedom in your finances
  • Allows you to build confidently your future
  • Leaves a strong legacy for your family

You were designed with abundance in mind!

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Hello Busy Moms and Entrepreneurs,
I'm Tamara Marcella a mom of twelve and an experienced entrepreneur, I deeply understand the challenges of balancing a lively household with a thriving business. Have you ever sat in your office, contemplating your next big move, or how to maximize those precious 24 hours? I've been right there with you. Through my journey, I discovered that generic systems, planners, and journals didn't cut it for us—the supermoms juggling it all.
This realization led to the birth of the Busy Girl brand. This system is designed for those of us determined to make an impact, leave a legacy, and achieve freedom for our families. It's about integrating all aspects of our lives into one cohesive strategy for success. Let's embark on this journey together to live the abundant, holistic life we were meant to lead. Join me in breaking free and reclaiming our time
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