It's time to reign over your domain!

Busy yet unfulfilled! The silent crisis facing todays women!

What if I told you; there's a way you could build faster, more focused and 10x your life in the process?

Go from busy to bountiful

Raise your hand if...

You know it’s time to redeem the times! 

This is your moment to fulfill your purpose, unleash your gifts and build the life you’ve imagined! 

  1. You desire more clarity of vision
  2. You know your gifts or ideas have wealth potential that you want to manifest for your family 
  3. Your busy schedule has stolen intimacy in your relationships and you know there’s a better way …
  4. You desire to build a better life experience 

Proverbs 9:1 states that “Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn (carved out) her seven pillars.” She “carved” them out. She worked out her pillars with intention, attention and retention!

I want to walk you through the 7 pillars found in scripture to guide you through the framework to build solid systems for strong kingdom living that leads you into the freedom matrix. 

What’s the freedom matrix? Glad you asked. It’s a life lived in abundance. Redemption of your time, relationships, finances and purpose! In short… FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE!  

Dream it, build it and accelerate your success!

Get the system designed to help you create the focus and clarity you need to build. 


The Busy Girl university

Redeem the times!

A system with keys designed you redeem your time, finances, relationships and purpose!
"The freedom matrix" The roadmap to kingdom success.
Sis, it's time you started living the life you dream of!

It's Now o' clock!

Don't you want to build every area of your life to abundance?

Your purpose is for "such a time as this" You can't wait any longer to step up to the plate and do the things you were created to do!

You can no longer put off for tomorrow what today demands. Your kids aren't getting any younger and the intimacy you seek is waiting for your attention.

The financial freedom you seek is tied to the value you create. "Your GIFTS make room for you and bring you before great people"

Experiencing abundance begins with redeeming your time and making the most of every opportunity. Ending every day with no task than time is not living!

Who am I and why I created this system?

"I am Tamara Marcella, a proud mother of twelve and a dedicated kingdom builder. Rather than enumerating everything I or/and my husband have accomplished, I'll simply share that we've nurtured a family of thriving entrepreneurs, established multiple businesses, and founded a church. I also, served the community and maintained engagement in my family.

Safe to say, "I know busy!"

I intimately understand the challenges faced by women builders. Like many, I've encountered hurdles and setbacks that threatened to shape my narrative. Yet, with every obstacle, I took away invaluable lessons.

Drawing from these experiences, I've crafted a framework that empowers women builders to pursue kingdom business, ministries and more. This approach ensures they needn't compromise on their core values, granting them the freedom to reign as queens of their scenes and realize their grandest aspirations

Let's build your kingdom dream

Tamara Marcella

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Here's what you'll get in the
Busy Girl University ~ membership
The Ultimate streamlined system for kingdom success
Let's acknowledge it: Women face distinct challenges. What we need is a system tailored to understand and address these nuances. That's where the Busy Girl brand steps in, thoughtfully crafted by a woman builder, exclusively for women builders.
"Wisdom built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars." Proverbs 9:1
Meet Other Folks Who’ve Been Able to Get Unstuck Using the Same Framework
We finally had a breakthrough
My husband and I went to Tamara Marcella for business coaching. We had finally had a breakthrough on what we wanted to do, but moving one idea into a full blown business was a daunting task. Tamara patiently listened while we explained what we wanted to make, and how, and where we were in the process.  She helped us organize our thoughts, identify our purpose, and pick a direction for the next year, and the years following. Tamara has also been keeping us accountable by checking in with us, and confirming that we've made the progress we all agreed to, and providing encouragement and guidance when we've stalled out.  My favorite part of working with Tamara, however, is how excited she is for our business. It's based on a hobby that she doesn't participate in, but she got so enthusiastic for each idea, each step of progress, and each success, that I couldn't help but feel we will succeed. She's been available when we've needed to ask questions, and she's been our biggest cheerleader; but make no mistake, she isn't afraid of hard conversations, and she's willing to speak truth in love.  We couldn't be more grateful that we found her, and she had the time and space to help coach us.  Brian & Sharah Blankenship, 
- Sharah Blankenship
This is a game changer
COULDN"T BE HAPPIER WITH MY PURCHASE!" Tamara thank you so much for writing this book!! You are a Godsend and dream saver!! I cannot express how valuable this book is cover to cover but I have to share with you that my absolute favorite portion of The Busy Girl's Guide To Success is hands down building my "A" Team. That was a total game changer for me and my household. 💪 Building unfettered success my way!!
- Migdaly Huertas

Do what you do ...only better, faster and more fulfilling.

Get in ...Busy Girl U..and gain access to the system
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Try it for a full 7 days, 100% risk-free
Guarantees can be complicated. But not this one. My promise is simple - if our program doesn’t help you get unstuck and make constructive progress, write to us within 7 days. We will offer you a 100% refund on your purchase.

It’s risk-free, no questions asked and there’s no fine print involved.
Frequently Asked Questions

You gain immediate access into the community. The forum discussions, files and content is available. The program begins all at the same time. The masterclasses are on Tuesdays for the next 7 weeks. 

You will have access to the recordings in your dashboard. Yo’ll be able to catch up anytime. 

Every week you get group coaching with Q & A and  available office hours. Also, we are available for support by email. 

As a member of busy girl U; you get a discount on all store products, online and live events. For the lifetime of your membership. 

The only one thing that separates Builders from dreamers is that builders enlist the help of others to make progress.
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