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This is me...

Who is Tamara you may ask? a mother of twelve who lives in upstate New York where my husband and I both grew up, attended school and raise our family!
I am, no stranger to hard work nor a busy life!
over the last decade of destiny building: I've planted a growing and thriving church, started an online company, invested, coach individuals and companies and sit on the board of a non for profit serving individuals within the city!

It's fair to say, I'm driven to see lives transformed and live as an ARCHITECT of my destiny!
It has been my honor to serve, mentor and minister to people from all walks of life and pastors around the world! It is my deepest desire to journey with you as you "work your dirt" and fulfill your destiny as well!

Get ready to say hello to insane amounts of effective systems for focus, organization & legacy building success!

After being soccer mom, caring for mom and dad, date night, running your empire and more....Where is the time for you?
Where's the time to grow in God and fulfill your God given destiny?
Are you ready to break out of survival mode and build success? Search no more!
The Busy Girl's Guide to Success KIT>>> is just what you need to succeed and

it's time to
"Break Busy & Build Better!"

The best version of you is waiting

Busyness may be threatening
more than you think !!!

Get the blueprint for success!

Aren't you tired of living with more task than time?


Of course ...it's an acronym but definitely the secret sauce for success !!!


What's in the kit?

Who would benefit?

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