Finding Me – Live Stream



Do you want more out of life? Do you feel stuck? Do you struggle with the how’s of transformation? 

This event is a guided tour of personal development. The metamorphosis into your best you is not just possible; but a natural progression when you dig deep to uncover the person inside, break out of limiting thoughts and begin to create possibility.

Finding Me is the jump start you’ve been looking for! The reboot you need to create the framework that will unleash YOU unapologetically. A better, confident, financially free you. With a healthy lifestyle that is your DIVINE DESIGN!

Zoe life is your BIRTHRIGHT!

Tamara Marcella will lead you into the shift with proven tools, empowering talks and a guide through her four-step process of transformation that will catapult you into the life you’ve imagined.

Journey through the four-step process at Finding Me and gain strength, strategy and get propelled into a new year as the new YOU!

This workshop will build liberty in all areas of life! Get ready to move your life forward


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