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Builders Court is an exceptional program meticulously designed to empower participants in mastering the art of sustainable and scalable kingdom building. Rooted in the foundational principles of the Bible, this program provides a comprehensive framework for attendees to learn and implement the proven strategies that ensure long-lasting success in their ministries and businesses.

The seven pillars of Builders Court (TM) embody the core principles that guide individuals on their journey towards impactful and enduring growth. Each pillar represents a crucial step in the process, facilitating a solid foundation for sustainable and scalable success while aligning your core building convictions with our solid proprietary framework for builders success. .

Builders Court promise ~ BY the time you’re done with 6 week comprehensive program you’ll have a solid, sustainable success building system installed into your ministry or business. It’s a system that builds holistically in real time. Imagine building a ministry or company that sets you up for the 4 levels of freedom from the start. Imagine a company that practically runs on its own. Imagine a life that allots you time freedom, relational freedom, financial freedom and freedom to live your purpose!

Who should join builders court? 

  • Those in business
  • Those in ministry
  • Those dreaming of starting a business
  • Those frustrated by their current system structure. To be clear…you set out to become an entrepreneur and became an employee of your company and need a change, you started a ministry that now has stolen all your time, joy, and family engagement.
  • Those ready to scale but struggling to figure out the space and systems to make that happen

What will I get in builders court? 

  •  Coaching ~ 6 weeks of well planned individualized task, goals and accountability
  • Personalized Monday board for communication, to do lists and, visual goal and progress tracking
  • Private Group for coaching and Q & A
  • One on one 1hr coaching start up call
  • Enrollment into the next Implementation day


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