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Who Am I and Why I Built the busy girl system?
Tamara's journey of struggle with busy and unfulfilled finally came to an end when she discovered a hidden treasure within herself. This treasure held the secrets to unlocking big results in family, finance, and fulfillment.
The ultimate goal is to build a life filled with joy and success in all areas simultaneously, and Tamara's message is clear: "Wise women are builders!" Regardless of one's start in life, every woman has the power to impact the world around her, build and live her dreams, and live fully engaged.
Tamara transformed herself from pitiful to powerful, and now she's on a mission to help other women do the same. Break free from busy and start building the lifestyle you deserve: the kingdom/builders life!
If you're living a busy life; flip it!
start living the builders life today!

Wise women build the lives they love!

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