The Busy Girl's Guide to Bible Study

Get the system busy girl's everywhere
are using to maintain spiritual growth with small spurts of time.

"The Bible is the greatest of all books; the noblest of all pursuits; to understand it, the highest of all goals." ~ Charles C.Ryrie

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February 20-22

Learn How To...

Lesson 1

Read for understanding

This proprietary frame work is uniquely designed for busy women to maintain their bible study time within minutes daily not hours.

Lesson 2

Dig Deeper

This unique system teaches you to learn how to take what you've read, apply this strategy to dig deep into the text and capture an understanding.

Lesson 3

Meditate on His word

This framework teaches you how to properly mediate on the word for Holy Spirit revelation and understanding of what you've studied.

Lesson 4

Life Application

Due to the nature of this bible study system; you will grow in greater understanding of the word; establishing bible study as part of your "first forty- five morning routine. The greatest gain will be life application of the understood word.

The Spirit is not given to make Bible Study needless, but to make it effective.

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Meet your Guide
Hi! I am Tamara...
Meet the original Busy Girl And woman behind the Busy Girl Brand!

As a mother of 12, I've navigated multiple family businesses, planted a church, ran a homestead, and pastor a congregation. Believe me when I say, "I know busy." However, I firmly believe that as overcomers, we can partner with God to build a prosperous future, family, and finances.

Today, I'm excited to introduce the Busy Girl's Guide to Bible Study, designed to help busy women maintain and grow their spiritual life while pursuing success. Whether you're a career-driven lady or a multitasking mom, this guide is here to assist you.Take a step towards building a life that's both spiritually fulfilling and abundantly successful.
Remember, it's time to take back your time and life, just like I did! Let's live freer and more accomplished together.

"In all thy getting, get understanding"

THe Busy Girl's Guide to Bible Study
Register for the Busy girl guide to bible study ; add a valuable tool to your success systems.
This unique system will fit into your daily routine, make study time in the word come alive and spark curiosity for greater degrees of spiritual growth.

"If you are ignorant of God's word, you will always be ignorant of God's will." ~ Billy Graham

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