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Who is Tamara you may ask? She is a mother of twelve who lives in upstate New York where she and her husband both grew up, attended school and raise their family. Tamara is no stranger to hard work and a busy life. In the last decade she has planted a growing and thriving church, started a company, invested as a silent partner in a company, coaches: individuals, companies and sits on the board of a non for profit serving individuals within the city. It's fair to say, Tamara is a woman on a mission and a transformation agent! Even with so many endeavors, Tamara remains tethered to her love and passion: empowering and inspiring women to pursue God's heart for their lives. This is the driving force behind much of what she does in this season. Together with her husband and team, they serve, mentor and minister to women from all walks of life and pastors around the world. It is her deepest desire to stay connected with you as you journey in your destiny as well.
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Tamara Marcella
Best Selling Author & Speaker
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