Strength and healing to your inner soul!

  • Strength and healing to your inner soul!

    Posted by Tamara on February 23, 2023 at 12:11 PM

    Let me ask you… what are you focusing on and what are you hearing? The two sit at the root of the health factor of your soul and how much strength you have to conquer the day. David had a moment in Pslam 5:6 where he pens, ” I’m worn out with my weeping and groaning. (That is a whole message right there. We can tire our own selves out with our weeping and moaning about any situation in our lives.

    Have you ever gotten tired of your own self?) “Night after night I soak my pillow with tears and flood my bed with weeping. My eyes of faith won’t focus anymore, for sorrow fills my heart. There are so many enemies against me!”

    There is so much in there but for today… we are talking about your focus and how it effects the quality of your thoughts and ultimately… your soul! David is struggling to see through eyes of faith because his fcus was on the enemies he faced.

    His enemies were physical and while often times you may face real live enemies; our biggest enemy can be our own thoughts, focus and what we are feeding on or hearing.

    Proverbs 15:30 gives us what refocuses us and pulls us into a state of strength. It says, ” Eyes that focus on what is beautiful bring joy to the heart and hearing a good report refreshes and strengthens the inner being.

    David focused on what was chasing him and as a result he felt weak, faithless and sorrowful. But Proverbs gives us the antidote. Focus determines the level of strength you supply to approach the day, situation or mission.

    I think we can all relate to a time we felt like David. I can attest to the fact that his words sound like many of my personal journal pages. However, thank God I found out that I can release refreshing to my own soul and strength to my gheart by hearing the word, by hanging out with people who have something good to share or a good pod cast or message. Then I can reroute my focus onto what is good, pure and praise worthy!

    Life will never, always be easy or feel good. But I control my focus and there is always something I can focus on that is praise worthy. Directing our focus is not for the faint of heart! It means literally telling your mind what it is allowed to think about, create images for and rehearse. If you are going to be an empress, if you are going to build the life God has ordained for you to live…you are going to have to learn to direct your focus and not allow your focus to direct you.

    Remember…you have agency! We have the power to choose what we meditate on. So, choose well today…your strength to conquer the day depends on it! Search out a good report and share a good report with someone else. Celebrate your daily wins and encourage others with them. Your win may be the very thing that breathes strength into someone else’s day!

    What are struggles with focus? Maybe on business or ministry tasks, maybe your hardships? What did you get out of this message and how will it help you shift the way you face your day?

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