Making your teaching convincing!

  • Making your teaching convincing!

    Posted by Tamara on February 18, 2023 at 9:57 AM

    “The one with a wise’ heart is called “discerning,” and speaking sweetly to others makes your teachings even more convincing.” Proverbs 16: 21

    Do you ever get frustrated that your message isn’t sinking? Does it ever feel like it just didn’t land? I’m not only talking about the times you’re giving a talk, preaching or teaching. I’m also talking about those moments you’re having that heated argument with your spouse, your children, team member, co – worker or employee?

    You had the speech down but you may have forgotten the secret sauce. The ingrediant that makes it all so much more palletable to the taster. I was challenged by a similar passage recently that has influenced much of my own reflections in this season. ” Let your speech be always in grace, having been seasoned with salt, to know how it behooves you to answer each one. Colossians 4:6

    Oh mercy! Y’all when God hit me with this one it was a game changer. See, ladies we have the gift of tongue and the salt part of our conversations is usually on lock! As a speaker, I kind of like to think of myself as an orator, talking is my thing. I can work the words in my favor pretty well. But, I had to do some serious forensics on some conversations gone bad in the recent; only to realize my conversation was all salt.. grace wasn’t on it at all!

    Ok, take a breath. If you’re feeling some type of way right now… sis I get it! But what a break through moment! It isn’t all bad when we see our ugly. It opens the door to making a new habit and new way of living. Revelation brings expansion! However, James made a little statement once that, “we should not be just hearers of revelation but doers!” If we want to expand… we have to take action on the words that bring us life.

    We all want our “teachings”, proposals, grienvences and even our complaints to be convincing. Proverbs tells us how to make that happen. Throw some sugar on that thang! Ooh when I think about the power behind adding some sweetness, some grace to words we share…I get excited and angry at myself all at the same time! Why did it take me 50 some years to find out the secret of persuasion?

    Y’all this right here is life changing! All jokes aside, this is the tool we have to get good at using if we want the words we speak to land in the lives of the individuals we are communicating with. It’s ok to have the salt. Please don’t be the fluffy girl! Let your words bear weight. Just make sure that the thing that stings is the truth, not your stank! You know, you didn’t need to say it like that! 🤣😇😜

    I believe this is an opportunity for us to elevate to a whole other level in our lives, ministries, the marketplace and in our relationships! How would your disagreements go if your words were grace{ a gift} seasoned with salt? Grace first! Lead with it! You want impact, you want to convince others with your talk not devastate them.

    Sure, this may take some practice! No doubt it isn’t changing over night. But awareness can be the seeds of change. I firmly believe this discussion right here could literally change every area of your life. Market, from a sweet word perspective, correct, from a sweet word perspective, say no, from a sweet word perspective.

    Let grace become your new language. Learn it like a course, chase it like a new hand bag and lean on it like a hammer. It’s the best tool in your box and the greatest accessory you’ll apply.

    I want to hear from you. How does this discussion hit home? Are you already one of those girls who talks sweet? Or are you a recovering tongue lashing addict like me? No matter where you fall in this spectrum… let’s become the women who wow the world with words of good news. #LETSGO

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