“Core Values”🤔 What are yours?

  • “Core Values”🤔 What are yours?

    Posted by Migdaly on February 1, 2022 at 2:13 PM

    As I’m sitting at my desk, jotting down some core values for my business, I’m taken aback by how little thought I’d actually ever given the subject. I’m also realizing that we operate out of them daily, in every interaction both personally and professionally and they affect how we perceive and receive the information around us. They help us make decisions and judgements in a blink of an eye.

    With that said, I embarked on a quick journey to review the true definition of “Core Values” and and what they truly mean for me, my business, my clients and partners and what I found is that the value itself is in fact or needs to be actionable. What I say or what we say as a company must line up and be in harmony with what we do. So to begin to mentally process and start building my business core values, I had to dig deep within my psyche and answer the questions bellow as specific and as truthful as possible.

    1. Why does your business exist?

    2. What are your guiding principles?

    3. What is the strongest belief of your company?

    4. What are 5 things that as a company you will never compromise for?

    5. What matters most to us as a company?

    6. What do we fundamentally stand for?

    7. What is unique about working for your company?

    8. What’s more important to your employees, customers, stakeholders etc.?

    9. What impact does your business make to the people they serve, in your community and/or in the world?

    10. Are all the answers above actionable?

    Not only did answering these questions force me to think bigger for my company in that though I don’t have any employees today, I should plan to have them in my tomorrow, and I should begin to make this an enjoyable place to work that also cultivates a culture who’s soul desire is to serve above and beyond expectations where all parties involved win. Answering these questions will help you put all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas that brought you to start a business to begin with into identifying and putting into perspective the “Core Values” that will help create a strong foundation and ripe environment for your employees and prospective clients to work and flourish in.

    If you have not yet created “Core Values” for your business then I hope this has been helpful. If you have already established “Core Values” please share them below. Let’s chat, share your “Core Values” journey with us.

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  • Design Services Admin

    February 2, 2022 at 1:32 PM

    So good and yes! Everyone has core values. We don’t think of them in that respect enough. But they shape your world view, how you approach life, love and business. Without strong 💪🏽 convictions or core values…. you’ll live life like a leaf 🍁 that life blows around in differing directions 🗺 without any real relevance or progression! Don’t be a 🍃 leaf. Take time to script those core values!

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