Bravery, obediance and selfless love….

  • Bravery, obediance and selfless love….

    Posted by Tamara on September 14, 2023 at 9:28 AM

    Reading Exodus this morning, I was deeply moved by Jochebed’s profound courage. She displayed an unwavering trust in the almighty God, going as far as placing her child on a path that seemed to ensure certain death, or at the very least, posed significant health risks. Yet, in her bid to protect him, she acted boldly. This brave act not only saved Moses but also allowed Jochebed approximately six formative years to instill her teachings and values in him. Though later in life, Moses was influenced heavily by Pharaoh’s daughter and the royal palace, Jochebed’s early influence cannot be understated. When we reflect on the lives of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, it’s evident that Jochebed, their mother, was instrumental in shaping the destiny of the Israelites. As a devout servant of the Lord, she laid an unshakeable foundation in their lives.

    Jochebed’s story transcends time and carries an essential message for us all. Even if you aren’t a mother, her narrative teaches that no matter how daunting the task before you, there’s always a strategy, a way, and a bold step waiting to be taken. Remaining steadfast, even amidst adversity, can have implications far greater than we can envision at that moment. From one woman came three great leaders who went on to lead, love, and educate an entire generation.

    From Jochebed’s legacy, we can glean that as parents, guiding, educating, and shielding our children during challenging times is entirely achievable. Don’t be swayed by the deceitful whisper that it’s impossible to raise God-centric children in a world rife with wickedness. Jochebed’s sacrifices remind us of the depths of a mother’s love. She had to let go of her son to truly save him. While we might never face the heart-wrenching decision of placing our child in a wicker basket on a river, we all encounter metaphorical rivers where we must entrust our children to God’s providence. In moments of uncertainty, can we still trust His plan?

    Jochebed remains an epitome of grace, resilience, and strength. Despite facing numerous challenges and not receiving widespread recognition – she’s mentioned only three times in scripture – the magnitude of her impact resonates to this day. It begs the question: Are you prepared to trust God wholeheartedly, even when it means letting go of what’s most dear to you?

    Reflect on Jochebed’s journey. Does it give you hope in the challenges you face with your children? Does it inspire you to passionately raise your children in the way of Jesus, teaching them divine values in a world where the stakes are high? Does her story motivate you to be more self-sacrificing, attentive, and fearless?

    Finally, consider the poignant irony of Jochebed being compensated to care for her own son. She carried out her duty with excellence. What does that speak to you about commitment and purpose? If placed in a similar situation, would you do the same?

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