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Frequently Asked Questions

The done 4u service will set up your: CRM (client/ customer relationship management system, LMS (Learning management system), web site ( word press) Your email list and one social platform  

Your program comes with 1 hour coaching on the individual platforms. How to use them, where to find help and how to publish. We will not leave you until you are secure.   

After our initial consult call. We will set up a monday board with all your needs. There we will keep track of tasks and your digital assets and our way of communicating through the process. From start to finish you will see the tasks completed in real time.  

On average we like to see a turn around within 14 days. Depending the complexities in your requests it may take longer( We will let you know that In our set call.)However, most clients are up and running in two weeks. 

You do. The service is a set up for your start up. We will ensure that you have all the components to start running your online business. See it as a turn key virtual office set up for you. ~ All your platform fees and monthly maintenance fees will be turned over to you. * If you fail to pay for your platforms you will lose your content and services. We will do our best to transfer any savings onto you. Some of the services we use we will be happy to offer you.  

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