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As you’ve read my story, you know that my heart is deeply committed to helping individuals and families build and live in liberty and legacy. By implementing kingdom principles you are guaranteed to obtain the promises of the kingdom!

 Here at TMM Global, we’ve put together various ways to help you design and transform your life, tailored to your unique needs. If you don’t see something that resonates with you, please feel free to email us, and let’s have a conversation about how we can better assist and uplift you on your journey.

E.M.R.G. Academy

Enroll in EMRG academy and take a year long journey of learning the kingdom tools provided in scripture to create abundance in every area of life.

The principles, patterns, provisions and promises.  

Watch the word come alive! 

Don’t live life as a kings kid unaware of your inheritance. 

Builders Court~ Unlock your potential and transform your life

Become a part of our Builders Court Coaching Program, a 30-day transformational journey designed to support those seeking a life change. This program is ideal for individuals feeling stuck, considering a career transition, or looking to reinvent themselves. Embrace the opportunity for growth and self-discovery as you embark on this empowering path.

Done 4u.
start up service.

Dive into the digital world and discover the complexities of starting an online business. Just like a brick-and-mortar venture, your virtual enterprise demands investment and attention to detail. Our Done-4U Startup Service tackles the technical challenges, allowing you to simply step in and get started with your new digital space.

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