Prepare to Unveil the Single Most Pervasive Cause of Unhappiness, Stagnation, and Financial Strife that's been Holding You Back from the Life You Desire!"

Hint: It's probably not things you think...

Tamara Marcella Presents

The Redeem 5 Day challenge! 

Discover the keys to take back (REDEEM) your control, build and living a life of abundance and kingdom authority in every facet of life.

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Challenge your status quo: 

Will you challenge what you believe is possible for you? 

5 Day commitment  Monday- Friday

1-2 hrs per day. Get immersed in the process. 

Final Result: More and better abundance 

Level up as you step into kingdom authority. Shift your business, ministry and home! 

This Class is for: Busy moms, entrepreneurs, ministers 

Wherever you are right now; you can level up and step into your personal greatness! 

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