The Busy Girl's Guide to Success

Are you ready to redeem 10,20, 30 more hours of time a week?


Parts of the book

Build your "A" Frame

Every well lived life must be built on vision, personal promises and priorities! Vision is a clearly processed mind picture of your future fully in bloom.
Part one of this book will guide you to reflect, script and create your frame for life.

Your "A" team

Who are the people that help you do life? The people you depend on, so you can show up unfrazzoled and uncluttered. They help you shine!
Part two of this book will help you pin point those people and develop a process to choose and nurture your
" A" team.

your "A" Game

This is the place you describe and define what it looks like for you to show up at your A game! What does "Shining" look like for YOU? What are the balls in life that you refuse to drop?

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About the Author

Tamara Marcella

Tamara Marcella, a mother of twelve has learned to use time wisely and develop systems, hacks and apps to create the structure needed to carry out the life she’s imagined. She went from wishing there was time for a nap, to enjoying a full day off every week to regroup and rest. From failing at her start company (Because of too much on her plate) to learning from those mistakes. Which lead to creating a system that gave her time, to not only build a new company but also coach companies. 

From business to play. Farm to financial freedom. Tamara has a system available to  give you time to flourish. 

Don’t you want to succeed at your personal endevours as well as obligations? 

If so, The busy Girl’s guide to Success  is for you. Let Tamara’s trial and error prevent yours! Start today redeeming your time and thrive! 

What will you do with 10 to 20 more hours of YOUR time?

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