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A wise woman builds her house...A foolish woman tears it down with her own hands!

What does this mean & why is it so important to your success? 

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The wise woman builds... webinar will:

  • Expose negative, strong holds paralyzing your building progress
  • Shatter limiting mind sets 
  • Unleash a “power woman” mindset 
  • Build your confidence 
  • Provide real time tips for expansion

Allow me to introduce myself. ☝ This is me, Tamara Marcella. Who is Tamara you may ask?  I am a:

• Wife and Mother of 12… Yes you read that right, mother of twelve.

• Business owner managing multiple businesses to include Course Creation, Life Coach, Business Coach and Global Motivational Speaker

• Author

• Minister
   In short, I’m a builder!

Like so many, the last couple of years have proven to be a wake up call on so many levels.

One: It reminded us that we don’t have forever to do the things we dream and talk about. Time is a hot commodity, it is here today and gone tomorrow. Once its gone, it’s gone!        

        That is why this is our

Two:  We were reminded that the whole world can change in one minute! Many have lost jobs, faced financial uncertainty and  found their family and homes to be unstable! That kind of looming concern is stressful! 

                 So in this
       “Such A Time As This”

I have decided to created a very special webinar just for you! Wise women, in the process of building dreams, homes, wealth, independence and prosperity! With a NOW mindset! If you’re a builder… this is for you! 
It is designed to:

                    Reboot                  Recharge

   Position you to build success this year!!

I will share with you strategies I developed and implemented while :

  • Raising a family (my 12 kiddos)
  • Building multiple business
  • And running ministries

While keeping my sanity (most days), focused clarity and staying woman in the process! 

 Proverbs 14:1 tells us that, ” Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears hers down with her own hands.”

No woman knowingly tears down her home intentionally! Yet, Proverbs is given to us because at the core of our families, businesses, ministries and homes is us.

                                                                            Yup, you and me!

But sometimes trauma, disappointments and crazy life issues work against us; rather than for us and become effective “building blockers!”

The good news is......

you can rebuild

or build a new

Yes, you can absolutely  make this year…. your year to thrive in: Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit



3 John 1:2 says, ” Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health even as your soul prospers.” As you build your soul, everything else prospers! Make the shift this year to build on purpose, 100 % whole! 

Build the life of your dreams!

Join me on the “Wise women build webinar” and learn the “CODE” to becoming the architect of your life and unlock agency, leadership and wholeness. 

              Applying the “code” to your life is going to take you higher, faster and take you into abundance Now! 

            Attending the “WISE WOMAN BUILDS” webinar is a major step in the right direction. The invitation is before you and I don’t believe that is a coincidence. What will you do for yourself and your family this year? 


What are you
waiting for?

Unless you want what you’ve always had, you’ll have to change what you’ve always done! 

If you want to experience change in your life this year, it begins right here!!!

Customers reviews

See what others have said about time spent with

 Tamara Marcella 

I first met Tamara at a conference, she was speaking on “Finding balance.” She is amazing at developing well-rounded women and launching them into their destiny. I love how she operates in excellence in every role of life, while Staying Woman.
Shameka Collins
Co-Owner of Collins & Collins Counseling service
Tamara has been speaking over my life both personally & professionally for years first as my pastor and then as a true life coach, helping me navigate my career as an entrepreneur. She helped map out my path to success to becoming a budding business owner. She has helped me formulate strategies and prioritize what I needed to do in what order, starting with, first and foremost, believing in myself and the possibilities of what is to come. I've wanted to give up many times and still do at times, but she is always there like a sideline mom at her child's game, rooting for me and encouraging me into my victory! Tamara has equipped me with the tools and life skills necessary to have crystal clear vision to the future I want and how to get there! Thank you Tamara for helping me see in myself what you have seen all along!
Richele Wegman
Owner & Founder of All Washed up residential cleaning service
This woman is the diamond in my life! The ways she has impacted my life is unmeasurable and indescribable. With her words and empowerment, she brought me from a pile of ashes to where I am today. Ready to take on anything that comes my way. And it’s something I don’t have have the answer to, she always has a way of helping me figure it out. I literally had lost everything…my children, my husband, my parents. I was not sure how I could get through another day, begging God to just take me home. I searched her on Facebook, pulled up a post and her voice dropped me to my knees. Today, years later, I still “crave” her voice. Often ,when I am feeling that I could really use an empowering word, I’ll think to myself, I wish I could hear her right now, and BOOM! There she is! Doing a random word on Facebook live. There is NO ONE in this world that I have ever admired, respected and trusted as much as I do her and would recommend her as a mentor or coach over ANYONE to walk with me through these twists and turns called life! She is beyond a Mentor/Coach, she is a GIFT from God our Father.
Amy Lanzatella
Tamara Marcella Ministries