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Are you ready to go from a Busy lifestyle to a

Are you tired of watching time pass? Especially, with a desire to give the things most important to you the attention they deserve? Yet, far too often your reality is; time just disappears? Disappears, as those important things go unattended.
Are you frustrated with the fact that on a daily, monthly basis, you dream of accomplished goals and time spent differently and somehow you end up disappointed?
Truth is, what you don’t intentionally block time for, you seldom accomplish! No one stumbles into success and wonders, ” How’d this happen?”
Most people find it difficult to master the “art of scripting” (framing a lifestyle, business or ministry) that allots enough time in their daily routine to accomplish their “want to’s” while remaining faithful to
their “Have to’s!”
However, this is the space where abundance is found, In your daily routine.
Time is the one raw resource that once spent can Never be replaced.
Here’s a shocker for some! God does not “make” people successful or unsuccessful. Wealthy or poor, happy or unhappy!
God provides the resources, gifts and wisdom! 
 Some do incredible things with 24 hours while others find themselves desperately seeking seconds, minutes and hours to find ways to obtain their “opportunities and invitations in life.”
Sadly, we human beings virtually create the unhappy, unfulfilled spaces we often dwell in.
What if I told you there was a better way?
A way to regain 20, 30 or more hours of time back into your life every month and potentially every week?
Even better, a system and strategy for a winning lifestyle?
A daily, consistent experience of satisfaction and fullfillment with life, ministry and business!
Time is the resource to manage well, in order to fulfill destiny, preserve your relationships and obtain the abundant life you ascribe to.
Invest some time in this workshop and I’ll show you how I used the Busy Girl system to recover lost and underutilized time to support the call from God on my life.
 I am so confident you will be ignited in your spirit and empowered to reproduce “The busy Girl” system in your life. I made it crazy easy for you to invest in yourself.
Join me and let me show you how to start Building, Unfettered Success, Your way!
What will you do with your reclaimed time and redesigned life?  
How would your life change if you had clear priorities and more time to spent on the things you desire?  
Learn a new language
Become an entrepreneur
 Date night
Start daily devotions
Take up a new hobby
Are you ready to lead your life with agency and dominion! 

Yes, Because

A persons life is determined by how well they managed time & Change


Yes, Because

In order to stay the course and run my race faithfully, I need a strong system


Yes, Because

My days are numbered and this is my "Such a time this" season!

What are you
waiting for?

Time is gift and I am ready to fulfill my call, experience my hopes and live my dreams.

Customers reviews

What are customers are saying about Time spent with Tamara Marcella 

I first met Tamara at a conference, she was speaking on “Finding balance.” She is amazing at developing well-rounded women and launching them into their destiny. I love how she operates in excellence in every role of life, while Staying Woman.
Shameka Collins
Co-Owner of Collins & Collins Counseling service
Tamara has been speaking over my life both personally & professionally for years first as my pastor and then as a true life coach, helping me navigate my career as an entrepreneur. She helped map out my path to success to becoming a budding business owner. She has helped me formulate strategies and prioritize what I needed to do in what order, starting with, first and foremost, believing in myself and the possibilities of what is to come. I've wanted to give up many times and still do at times, but she is always there like a sideline mom at her child's game, rooting for me and encouraging me into my victory! Tamara has equipped me with the tools and life skills necessary to have crystal clear vision to the future I want and how to get there! Thank you Tamara for helping me see in myself what you have seen all along!
Richele Wegman
Owner & Founer of All Washed up residential cleaning service
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Michael Henry
Professional Boxer
Tamara Marcella Ministries