The Busy Girl's Guide to Success
The Busy Girl's Code

Allow Me Three Minutes To Explain How You Too Can
Take Back 10-20 Or More Hours Of Your Time Every Single Week.

What Will You Do with Your Reclaimed Time?

Are You Tired Of Watching Everyone Else Pursue And Succeed In Their Personal And Professional Endeavors; While You're On The Sidelines, Too Busy To Chase Your Own?

The Busy Girl's System
was created for women who:

So...What's Keeping You From Pursuing The Desires Of Your Heart?

If You’ve Answered Yes To Any Of Those, 
The Good News Is There’s Hope!

All Of These Can Be Fixed
That No Longer Has To Be Your Story!!

Sister, I've been right where you are!

Let me unveil my life for you;
My name is Tamara Marcella. I’m a mom of twelve and for most of 
my adult years I was a stay at home mom who ran a homestead and homeschooled my children. 
My homestead was complete with animals both inside and out. Live stock adorned our brand new barn and life was simple and good. Well, 
as simple as a homestead with animals and children could be anyway. 
Over the years, I tried a few home “Show” type jobs.
 Most of which were epic fails! A couple did great for a season only to eventually crash and burn. Drowning in endless “to do’s” I could never seem to tread water long enough to get any real ground under my feet.
 I most certainly asked myself the same questions you have asked yourself. 

“What was I thinking, who do I think I am, how is this ever going work?”

I beat myself up so many times for even thinking there was a life outside of all that I already had on my plate.
See sister, you are in good company!

There came a point that I started a goat milk soap business out of my kitchen and barn, which took off! Orders were flooding in from every direction.

For the first time, I was running a business. A successful one at that!
While still managing my homestead and, yes, still homeschooling my kids. You can imagine that keeping up with my new life was, to say the least, a major learning curve.

Before long, what started out as a beautiful opportunity with real potential for economic prosperity; began to implode. The orders were coming in so fast, and the product began to fail due to my inability to keep up. Shipments fell behind, the product suffered, and I ultimately had to shut down my business.

After much regret and reflection. What I learned in the wake of that failure is that “busy” was not the enemy;
it was the lack of structure to support my busy that was the enemy!

And There It Was, My Ah-Ha Moment...
You’ll be happy to know that my story didn’t end there!

I realized that no one but me was going to give me permission to live the life I imagined!
No one, was going to “Create” space and time for my dreams.
Only I, was solely responsible for how I would live my days on this earth! Destiny was mine to achieve; and there was only one thing left to do,
Leaving behind all my prior failures and with an overwhelming determination to succeed in both obligations and personal endeavors;
 I built structures and systems that devised my “A”- game. 

Since then, I’ve gone on to start a company, coach companies, author a few books, plant a church and help my husband with his successful start up venture.

 I sit on the board of an organization doing inner city restoration work and started a ministry for those struggling to rebuild their lives. I travel and speak at conferences and workshops and I’ve also had the honor of ministering to pastors and leaders in other nations.

And in case you’re wondering … Yes, I still homeschool my kids and
manage to bake in my kitchen every now and then as well.

The journey to success wrapped in a crazy busy life is not as hard as you think, in fact it’s much easier when a solid structure and real systems are in place to support you. The good news is, I have created a solution for you.

"The Busy Girl's Guide To Success & The Busy Girl's Code"
It's Your Time!!
Your Turn To Do What Your Passionate About!!

The Busy Girl’s System was created especially for you! It was designed with you in mind.
This is not your average “how to” book or a multi tasking tutorial.
That is simply a skill I do not have!

These days, I’m more like the author of simplicity and delegation.

The journey I have prepared for you will teach you the “superpower” of strategizing for success and is going to require some work and commitment. This is not as hard as you may think. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

The Busy Girl’s Guide To Success
is the blueprint (your foundation) for success!

I’ve broken the book in to three parts that are vital to your success:
Part 1. Building Your “A-Team”
Part 2. Developing Your “A-Frame”
Part 3. Sculpting Your “A-Game” Vision
(what your success looks like)

The Busy Girl’s Code
is the roadmap (your structure) for success!

Packed with over 300 pages of tips, tricks & hacks for your daily “to do’s”. Combined The Busy Girl’s Guide & Code are your keys to success. They are full of life changing strategies that will allow you the opportunity to accomplish everything on your to do list and have plenty of time leftover for what’s important to you.

You have the unique opportunity to start at the top. Let decades of my “system” trial and error be your spring board!

You can start Building Unfettered Success….Your way! Click below to grab your copy and start living your best life today!

Tamara Marcella

Mother of 12 and an inspirational speaker, whose goal is to inspire and empower women in motherhood, marriage, work and entrepreneurship. Tamara is a living testimony that leveling up in life is possible in every season, out of any story. She motivates women to impact the world by “being the best you, you can be”. She is also a recording artist with appearances on TBN, TCT & Kingdom Bound. Three books to date to encourage women, two recording music projects, traveling and sharing this message of hope to stages and pulpits across the nation!

I Dare You To Dream!
What will you do with your 10, 20 or more hours?

Would you...

  • Spend more quality time with your family?
  • Go on regular dates with your love?
  • Curl up with a good book?
  • Get back into your devotional?

Or Maybe...

  • You'll learn how to play a new instrument!
  • Start a new business!
  • Or
  • Finally have time to Volunteer for that cause that's near and dear to your heart!
The Possibilities Are Endless 
The “Time” Is Yours;
 Make Yourself A Priority Again!!

What does more time look like for you?

The Busy Girl's Guide To Success
The Busy Girls Code

The Busy Girl's Guide To Success

Your Blueprint For For Success! This Is Where We’ll Break The Mold. What Are You Passionate About? What Inspires You? We’ll Explore This And Much More Here. You’ll Learn What Has Been Keeping You From Achieving Success. Did You Know There Are Daily Tasks Your Doing Right Now That You Can Put On Autopilot To Save You Precious Time? You’ll Learn Tips And Tricks To Complete Your “To Do” List Faster And More Efficiently, Leaving You More Time For The Things You “Want” To Do.

The Busy Girl's Code

This Is Your Roadmap To Your Success! The Busy Girl’s Code Is The “Queen” Of Planners. There Is Just So Much Packed Here To Ensure Your Success, We Couldn’t Possibly List It All.  Here’s A Peek At What You’ll Find Inside:

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You Matter!! Your Joy Matters!! Your Success Matters!!
It is my passion to encourage women to spread their wings and fly, to be who they were created to be; immeasurably successful!! 

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